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  1. I am inspired by your project and would like to find out how I can be of help. I would be honored to support the “re-branding” of these brave women.

  2. Just saw your story on UpWorthy.com. I don’t have a lot of money but I would love to assist with as much as I can. I am so proud of the work that you are doing! Please consider providing a link to a site like gofundme.com or even Paypal.com so that interested individuals can donate money to help you provide scholarships to survivors such as yourself. I am so proud of you Jennifer!

  3. I just watched your video on upworthy.com and would have loved to support you and donate. Can I suggest you put on a donate button on the website and link to a donation site so those who love your story and can help in a small way to support you in what you are doing for others.

  4. Jennifer, you are amazing,
    I’m not a survivor of trafficking but am a survivor of sex abuse. I’ve been looking for a cause to support for years and believe I have just found it. I hope your video goes viral and raises the full awareness that this disgusting ‘industry’ and worldwide issue needs.

    I look forward to following your story and hopefully be able to support somehow in the future when my own business venture takes off. I’m in Australia and would love to know if there is anything similar here that i can perhaps link with.

    All the best with your own journey and well done to you for being brave enough to put your head in the limelight.

    Love and light to you and your fiancé for your future. 🙂


  5. I am a tattoo artist in Myrtle Beach and would be honored to be a part of something as wonderful and uplifting as this. I am currently working at Dunes Med Spa, 843-450-4429
    Please let me know how I can participate. Shoot me an email. Thanks!

  6. I just had a question is there anywhere you know in Canberra a.c.t that do tattoos and the money goes back into domestic violence

  7. Jennifer..please let me know how I can help with a tattoo scholarship!! So happy you made it through and are here letting me know about this! Thank you for making it.

  8. Hi, I heard your interview on the radio last night. You were very well spoken and presented what had happened to you in a clear concise manner. I felt it was unfortunate the interviewer did not focus more on your moment of clarity and the fact, that recovery is not hard when a person is lucky enough to hit bottom and have the gift of desperation.

    I m grateful I was given the gift of desperation and a moment of clarity.

    I wish you great success with your project. Joanne, from Costa Rica

  9. I am a tough chick, been through a lot in my life, but when I saw your video clip on Upworthy I broke down like a baby. Your courage and strength, your compassion for others is the real tell of who Jennifer Kimpton is, not something that was done to you in your past. I wish for you long life and many blessings.

  10. Saw your story on Upworthy. Beautiful story of redemption ❤ You are such an inspiration! *hugs & prayers*

  11. Your story is so moving. You are beautiful and brave. How can I donate to your project?

  12. Your story hit home for me today. I have already covered my “brand” with a beautiful piece I designed, and I would like to learn how to donate to your cause so that others can too.

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